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Oct 29 2012
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Oct 29 2012
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September - 2018

Aims and Objectives

Each and every institution like an individual takes its birth with certain predetermined aims and objectives. The aims and objectives of this school are:

1. To provide secured, loving and caring environment

2. To develop good habits, social manners and etiquettes.

3. Practising simplicity, honesty and integrity in everyday life.

4. Development of a strong character, leadership quality and a deep sense of resoponsibility.

5. To realise psychological, mental and intellectual spiritual potential.

6. Explore and encourage the young to be energetic, enthusiastic and full of vitality.

7. Inspiring to follow moral code of conduct.

8. To acquire economic understanding and efficiency in the management of expenditure.

9. "Character Building is Nation Building”. Taking this motive school gives completely emphasis on building the character of a student.

Contact Information

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 01681-225055
  • Address: NH71, Patiala Chowk, Jind (Hr.)