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New Website
Oct 29 2012
New website of The Apex High School, Jind
School Open
Oct 29 2012
School remain open on 1st Nov 2012


September - 2018



Airy, well equipped and spacious class rooms is another quality of the school. Ceramic magnetic chalks boards are in each class room for better visibility. Matter on those boards is displayed with magnetic teaching aids. These boards also work as screen for audio-visual teaching. The school aims at providing excellent academic education and at developing personality of students in good environment.


A Working day at the school commences with the morning assembly. Recitation of Vedic Mantras in the morning assembly exercises a very ennobling influence on the minds of students. The students are given training in recitation of Vedic Mantras. The students are encouraged to sing devotional and patriotic songs. Short talks are given on a variety of subjects such as hygienic habits, good manners. social service, great lives and important happenings in india and abroad immediately assembly. Presence of all the students is essential in the morning assembly.The school helps each child to develop his/her capacity and inborn talent to the fullest extent for which co-curricular activities are an indispensable part of school life.

School Band

The school band unit is the pride of our school. Wearing uniform and marching past & saluting the guests on independence day, Republic Day and the school functions, these cadets put up an impressive show and spell bound the audience of guest by their performance.

Art & Craft

Every students has one or the other hidden talent. To tap, unfold and nurture the potential of the blooming children to perfectness, the school has a beautiful art and craft room, where the children get opportunity to exhibit their creative and beautiful world of imagination in colours and shapes. Under the guidance of Art teacher, the children prepare themselves for various competitions.


A team of qualified doctors visit the school. Regular routine medical check-up is carried out for all the students every year. With taking the motive of "Health is Wealth” arrangement for pure-clean drinking water is done by installing water coolers.


The school is having House System right from class Nursery onwards which are divided into four houses.

1. Bhagat Singh House 2. Vivekanand House

3. Subhash Chandra Bose 4. Shivaji House.

Every house is put on duty for ten days in turn and organise activities like hoisting the House flag, conducting the morning assembly, organising inter-house competitions like Declamation, Dramatics, Quiz contests, Stage Performances etc. Apart from this they attend towards general discipline, cleanliness of the school, checking up the late comes and the students without uniform. Thus a healthy spirit of competition, co-operation, sportsmanship, devotion, discipline and leadership is encouraged among the students, paying the way for a positive self concept about themselves and to discover and improve their talent. Not only this, to motivate students of houses, awards are given to houses winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.


Regular interaction with parents is a regular feature of our system. Parents teachers meetings are held about three or four times in a year with prior information to parents. Parents are requested not only to blame teachers for low progress of their wards but to discuss and co-operate for the uplifitment of their wards. All parents are directed to attend these meetings necessarily.


In addition to the regular academic, creative and cultural activities, excursions, educational and religious trips are also organised from time to time to instil knowledge and spiritual awareness among the students.

Contact Information

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  • Telephone: 01681-225055
  • Address: NH71, Patiala Chowk, Jind (Hr.)